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Meet Captain Bob

Charleston Harbors' Funnest Captain

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Meet Captain Bob

"On loan from God and happy to be sailing on her." Captain Bob Murray

Captain Bob's affinity for the high-seas began early in life on the waters of Lake Champlain, between NY and Vermont, where his life for water and sailing began. He pioneered Murray's Sailing School-the first on Lake Champlain-and at age 21 received his official Captain's License.

Captain Bob's relocation to Charleston is a common transplant tale: After a wonderful vacation, he decided never to leave. After permanently unpacking his bags Captain Bob began chartering sailboats and powerboats. Eventually, Bob decided to embark on being a professional captain as a full time career.

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In 2006, Captain Bob embarked on his current adventure. He purchased and renovated a 100-foot luxury yacht he named "Carolina Girl." After purchasing the boat Bob decided to personally captain the Carolina Girl from Maine to its final home at St. John's Yacht Harbor.

To Meet The Captain, Call 843.818.2495.

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The Carolina Girl offers local Lowcountry Cruises, taking place every other Wednesday night throughout the spring and summer months. For just $35 per person, you can soak up the picturesque sunsets along the Lowcountry waterways for 1.5 hours. Our Lowcountry Cruise is perfect for a date night, birthday celebration or get-together between coworkers. Experience the panoramic views of the Charleston area aboard The Carolina Girl today.

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