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Kind Words

We always love receiving feedback from clients.¬? After working with most clients for an average of a year, we invite any and all feedback to help us improve and evaluate what we are doing.

Seth and Ania hosted their ceremony and reception on board The Carolina Girl in October and were a pleasure to work with.¬? We greatly appreciate the kind words they sent to each of us after their big day.

Dear The Carolina Girl,

We just cannot thank you enough for the extremely professional service you provided us for our wedding at sea! There are so many specific people to thank.


You were so amazing to work with throughout the process and we simply cannot thank you enough. You were extremely responsive to emails and phone calls within hours of our questions and totally kept us on track. In fact, your responsiveness was so superior to other similar venues, that you were the main reason we chose The Carolina Girl in the first place.

Captain Bob,

We cannot think of a better captain for our event. From the moment we met you we knew you were the man for the job. Not only are you very knowledgeable and capable of a safe cruise, but you are extremely personable like us and we knew this would add to a memorable experience for our guests. Seth of course was blown away with how immaculate the engine room was and he still thinks it’s clean enough for the bride to use as a dressing room.¬? Aside from the engine room, please ensure your crew knows how much we appreciate their professionalism during the event as well as the hard work they performed to ensure the yacht was shining for us.


We had a blast with you onboard! What can we say, you are the best “drill sergeant”, excuse us, “event director” we have ever met! Your flexibility during the event and ability to make things work while herding tons of people is just awe inspiring. The four-hour event went by way too fast and there is no way we would be able to do all of our important traditions without your help!

DJ Bob,

You were an absolute hit! The music was spectacular and everyone had the opportunity to dance. Ania’s late grandmother always said she must have a wedding where people dance and it’s not a true wedding unless that happens. As you can imagine, it meant so much for us to give guests this opportunity.¬? If you are ever in need of a young couple to help an event by being the first on the dance floor, please let us know.