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Carolina Girl’s Engine Room

Who knew an engine room could be so fascinating?¬? For those of you that are not lucky enough to see it in person, pictures will have to do.¬?¬? We get comments all the time on how amazed people are when they peek inside the engine room and see how clean it is and what it is that really makes this 100 foot yacht move.¬? Just like the rest of the Carolina Girl, the engine room is spotless – just like the Coast Guard likes it!

Here are a few fun facts followed by some pictures.

-It takes 35 gallons of oil when changing the oil

-At top speed, the 2 engines burn 60 gallons of fuel an hour

-There are 2 generators that run separately, so we always have a full back up

-The engines have less than 500 hours on them (Practically new in the boating world)

-The engine room is equipped with cameras that the captain can watch in the pilot house

35 KW Lima Generator with 4 Cylinder Perkins Engine Drive



892 Twin Turbo Detroit Engine


Engine Room