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Annual Coast Guard Inspection

As a commercial vessel, the Coast Guard is required to come aboard the Carolina Girl each year for a routine inspection.¬? They inspect everything from life jackets to pumps to engines.¬? Our crew has to attend each inspection to run through fire drills and man overboard.

Yes, last week Carolina Girl was out in the Ashley River going through a practice drill throwing a lifejacket overboard.¬? Our crew had to walk through the proper steps in making sure we received our “man overboard”.¬? We were told he was a “13 year old who was unconscious”.¬? We then proceeded to administer CPR where we “revived” our passenger and all was well!

After hours of a thorough inspection from 4 Coast Guard officers, yours truly, the Carolina Girl, received a perfect score with no deficiencies!

I must say that when I entered the event planning and marketing world with the Carolina Girl, I did not expect to learn so much about engines and man overboard!