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Cruise for Epworth Children’s Home

On Sunday August 8, we hosted an afternoon cruise in Charleston Harbor for 80 plus children from the Epworth Children?Äôs Home in Columbia, SC.

The children experienced firsthand Captain Bob’s responsibilities including navigating with a GPS, keeping an eye on weather with the radar and overseeing his mates on board.

?ÄúCaptain Bob let us drive the boat, and we saw dolphins, birds and other people sailing.¬? It was fun to act like we were on the Titanic because the boat was so large and beautiful.?Äù Brett, a current resident at the Epworth Home.

Reflecting on the children?Äôs experience on the yacht, The Rev. John Holler, President of the Epworth Children?Äôs Home, says ?ÄúThe trip broadened their horizons; it was a definite ?Äòwow?Äô experience because it was a first for so many of them.¬? They literally jumped up and down with squeals of delight.¬? I give thanks to Captain Bob and his crew for their gift to children who call Epworth home.?Äù