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Carolina Girl Haul-Out

This January the Carolina Girl traveled down the Intracoastal Waterway to Savannah, Georgia where it made its home for 2 ¬? weeks. Every two years the Coast Guard requires any passenger-carrying vessels be hauled out of the water for inspection. Along with the inspection, the hull of the boat must be painted with anti-fouling paint to stop marine life growth, such as barnacles, and to slow algae growth. The Coast Guard also inspects the valves and thorough hull fittings to check on the integrity of the yacht underwater.

It is difficult to find a location that can haul a 100ft. size yacht; however, Thunderbolt Marine, a first-class marine facility on the east coast, was able to accommodate the Carolina Girl.

Many will be surprised to find out that to take a boat the size of the Carolina Girl down to Savannah takes about 10 hours. Captain Bob and the crew stop mid-way in Beaufort and dock overnight. They visit their favorite local restaurants downtown and return to the Carolina Girl for their overnight accommodations complete with plenty of room for air mattresses!

For any of those interested in knowing how much this process costs every two years? $20,000 to make sure the Carolina Girl is up to date with all regulations and proper maintenance assuring every event is flawless! Find more pictures of the Haul-out on Flickr!