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The Bar Experience

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The Bar Experience

Dining Room Bar

This main station in the dining room allows a full bar service with up to 2 bartenders. Rates for upgrades and specialty drinks are available upon request. Pricing for this station is based on your total guest headcount and selected beverage package.

Required for any event
*Additional Beverage Stations (required add-on for 90 or more guests)
*Additional bartender required for groups of 100 or more

Top Deck Bar

Located on the top deck of the yacht, this station allows a full bar service with 1 bartender. This option allows your guests to remain on the dance floor and enjoy the open air views while having their refill right at their fingertips.

Key West Bar

Located in the Key West Room, this station functions for specialty drinks and beer/wine options. Upgrades including craft beer stations from local breweries are available.

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